When looking for pest control service providers in Manila, Makati, Quezon City, North Luzon, Laguna, Cebu or anywhere else in the Philippines, be sure to find out if those in your list of prospective exterminators or pest control operators are members of national and international pest control associations.

Why is membership to pest control associations important?

Pest control associations, especially those national and international in scope, have stringent criteria in accepting members to the organization not only to protect reputation (their own and those of its members), but more importantly they closely coordinate with government agencies and pest control researchers on improving safety and effectiveness of pest control products, devices and techniques used in providing pest control services.

This is especially critical in the Philippines because of the change in regulatory structure of the urban pest control industry in 2008. Since then, the number of pest exterminators or pest control operators in Metro Manila and key cities have at least doubled. But instead of giving consumers better service, new exterminators or pest control operators resort to cutting prices to attract customers. Lured by cheap prices for what looks like the same quality services on pest and termite control, many consumers buy services provided by personnel who are NOT licensed and trained in pest identification, diagnosis, pesticide handling and safety. In the end, they may have placed not only their money and property at risk, but more importantly their families and/or employees’ health and that of the environment.

Is Bio-Tech Environmental a Member of National and International pest control associations?

Not only is Bio-Tech Environmental Services Philippines, Inc. a member of the Pest Control Association of the Philippines, Inc. (PCAP), the company, through its President and General Manager, Mr. Hector D. Binwek, actively participates in PCAP’s leadership and in organizing and joining activities such as professional events (regular meetings, trainings, seminars and conferences), community relations (pest awareness walk, campaign against dengue, etc.), and social/recreational events (tournaments and other regular & special gatherings).Pest Control Associations National and International

Bio-Tech Environmental is also a member of the Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators’ Associations, Inc. (PFPMOA), the umbrella organization of recognized pest control associations in the country.  PFPMOA aims to maintain and improve the Philippine pest control industry reputation by  working towards recognizing pest control service providers that adhere to a common pest control standard.

Internationally, Bio-Tech Environmental is recognized by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) International.  For almost 80 years, NPMA has been a respected and positive voice for the pest control industry worldwide.  It’s headquarters is in Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. with a professional staff of technical, regulatory, government affairs, education and member services.  It’s website has features that assist consumers in learning about their pest problems, and more importantly find recognized pest control professional companies worldwide.

You have a choice

Filipino consumers have a choice.  It might be a difficult one given the number of exterminators or pest control operators offering seemingly similar services.  It pays to be an informed consumer to be able to make the right choice.  Information is readily available in the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Pest Control Philippines aims to provide reliable information about pests and pest control.  We hope you find value in this website.

We’ll publish more blogs on how to find a reliable pest control company in the Philippines, including what to look for and what to ask potential pest control service providers.

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