Don’t underestimate the power of insect pests over your business.  Business owners in the food and hospitality industry, especially restaurants and hotels, are very conscious of what pests can do to their brand and image.  Food manufacturing firms should be equally aware that infestations can shut their operations down and tarnish their reputation as well.

Foster Farms truck courtesy of NBC news

Foster Farms truck courtesy of NBC news (click on image to read news)

This is what happened to a poultry plant in California where United States Department of Agriculture inspectors found cockroaches in its fresh chicken processing facility.  The inspection and resulting shutdown are in line with the crackdown on tainted food after a Salmonella outbreak in 23 states and Puerto Rico over the past four months.  A total of 430 persons have been reported as infected by strains of multidrug-resistant Salmonella Heidelberg.  Read more details about this outbreak here.

The company in the headlines has made a statement that the plant maintains a pest control program.  The current quagmire puts into question the effectiveness of such pest control program in place.

For many companies, outsourcing their pest control requirements to reliable pest control professionals is the best way to go.  The right methods, products and equipment  handled by licensed and trained exterminators are even more essential when it come to food and public health.

This is what sets Bio-Tech Environmental Services Philippines, Inc. apart.  With ISO 14001:2004 certification and 20-year experience in helping restaurants, hotels, malls, factories, hospitals, homes, etc. prevent and solve their pest problems, its the pest control company you can rely on.  Call “The Defenders of the Modern Lifestyle” at (02) 638-2566 and speak to a pest management professional.  We’re here to serve you, so you need not worry about cockroaches and other pests.


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