Pests could be furthest from your minds during the holidays, but they cannot be ignored any further.  If you want the new year to be pest-free, rid of the following to prevent pest problems:Party's over

1.  Used gift wrappers, boxes, and other packaging materials.  Christmas is the time for giving and receiving gifts, and also for shopping.  After the holidays is the time to remove materials accumulated in the basement, closet, and other storage spaces in the house that are meant to be discarded.  Cardboard, boxes, cloth, paper and other materials can provide great places for pests such as rats, mice, cockroaches and ants to hide and breed, especially in areas where they are seldom disturbed.  Leaving these outside the house may attract the above mentioned pests, as well as termites and vertebrate pests.  These discarded materials should be thrown away for final disposal by the city.

2.  Food residues, grimes, spills, etc. in kitchen, dining, living and other rooms of the house.  Frequent house parties and other gatherings or simply hanging out in the house more often during the holiday season could result in spills, leftovers, scraps and residues on carpets, walls, floors, appliances and other surfaces.  These are very attractive to ants, cockroaches and other pests.  Food, moisture and hiding places (courtesy of packaging materials) are keeping these critters from going away.  And you don’t want them to become permanent residents of your home, do you?

The tradition of cleaning and organizing to rid of clutter at the start of the new year is a commendable practice not only to clear the clutter for more effective and efficient functioning of the home or office, but also to free your minds of chaos, disorder and worry.  By doing so, you also free yourself from potential pest problems that could build up in your home.

May 2014 bring happiness and peace of mind to your household.

Greetings from the Bio-Tech Environmental Urban Pest Control Professionals.


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