In Tips on Finding the right Termite Control Professional in the Philippines, track record was highlighted as essential.  What must you ask potential pest control service providers during your initial screening.  Below are top three questions to help you assess a pest control operator’s track record:

1.  How long has your company been in business?  How many employees do you have?

Pest exterminators with inconsistent results and poor customer service are neither likely to last a few years nor grow from a one-man or small team of technicians to a company of, say, over 30 employees.  Watch out for companies who might claim to be around for many years but have changed business names a few times.

2.  Who are your clients?  Do you have long-term commercial and residential clients?

Corporate clients, especially those who have good brand names or reputation to protect, trust the best and most reliable professionals and establish long-term relationships with them.  Therefore, it should be no surprise to find out that the same pest control operator takes care of both commercial and residential properties of such clients who have nothing but great experience with the company.  They become loyal clients who refer the company to friends and business associates.

3.  Are your pest control technicians trained in the latest pest control technologies?  What standards do you follow?

Be wary of experienced technicians who have not upgraded their knowledge and skills as well as the products and equipment they use beyond the traditional “kill-em-all-with-nasty-poisons” approach to pest control.  When asked about standards and/or company policies, the representative should be able to describe what the company stand for.  Affiliations, licensing and certifications are easy to prove, which you can also check with relevant authorities.

The above questions should screen out the “fly-by-night” and the “ill-reputed” operators of the pest control industry in the Philippines.  Remember that solutions to your pest problems should not only be effective and reliable, but safe to all concerned and the environment as well.

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