Are you looking for pest control professionals to take care of your pest problems in Metro Manila, North Luzon, South Luzon, Visayas, and Northern Mindanao?  Make sure you find those with the right credentials.  What should you look for from a pest control operator or exterminator?

For those pest control companies already operating for more than five years in the Philippines, a pest control operator license from the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) is expected as regulation of urban pest control was still under this government agency then.  But a separate FPA fumigator license with special training is required for those who are currently permitted to provide fumigation services.

Be sure to look for documents like certificates of training conducted by qualified trainers.  Recognized organizations like the Pest Control Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Federation of Pest Management Operators’ Associations provide regular trainings to pest control technicians, owners and managers.

Leading pest control companies in the Philippines provide regular trainings to their pest control technicians and these are conducted by entomologists.  In fact, Bio-Tech Environmental’s Pest Management Academy will be holding a new series of refresher courses for all of its pest control technicians in the next month in the company’s main office in Pasig City.  This is part of a continuing education effort for all its personnel regardless of role in the company.

More information about trainings, accreditation and licensing will be posted later in this blog.


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