Pest control is once again in the minds of many people as news about the White House, the home of U.S. President Barack Obama, being plagued with roaches hit the internet this week.  This is not the first time in the 213-year history of this famous landmark that problems on pests and pest control became news.

Thirty six years ago and also in the month of September, then President Jimmy Carter was furious when mice scampered across his office during a state visit of the Italian Prime Minister.  He also complained about the stench of dead mice that lingered during that meeting.

It goes without saying that no residence is immune to pests, and it is safe to expect that there would be similar news about infestations in famous buildings breaking out from around the world in the future.

That’s why having reliable pest monitoring and pest control strategies employed by the best pest control company is not only valuable but essential to the survival and success of your food and hospitality business.  News indeed travel fast, far and wide in this age of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and text messaging.  Don’t let your hotel, restaurant or food business become a victim of cockroaches, mice, house flies and the negative image they bring.

Give Bio-Tech Environmental a call at (02) 638-2566 and speak to a pest control professional.  Our job is to take pest problems out of your mind.  We are the Defender of the Modern Lifestyle.



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