The cockroach’s cryptic nature, which include being most active at night, the ability to scurry away from danger and suddenly disappear on ledges, and to survive on anything available for them to feed on, contributed much to their importance as pests of both residential kitchens and commercial establishments.

People often find it difficult to imagine where cockroaches go when they are out of sight.  Voids and hollow spaces in and behind kitchen appliances would quickly come to mind.  But do you know that the extra often unused and hard-to-reach spaces in the kitchen provide a nice, warm and humid place to establish a “roach hotel”?

As was recently pointed out in case studies involving German cockroach infestation in a commercial kitchen and American cockroach infestation in a hospital, voids and hollow spaces are key to solving those persistent and “unsolvable” pest problems.  Global standards have included this information to avoid general pest problems in food and other manufacturing facilities.

Pest control professionals can provide valuable insights in preventing or minimizing pest build-up in your facility.  Contact Bio-Tech Environmental at (02) 638-2566 for advice from our resident entomologists.


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