In line with our commitment to human and environmental safety,  Bio-Tech Environmental introduces another first in the Philippine pest control industry!

For decades, methyl bromide has been a fumigant of choice in structural and commodity fumigation. However, due to its negative environmental impact, i.e. it depletes the ozone layer in the atmosphere, a worldwide phaseout of the chemical is currently underway.

Phosphine (PH3), a colorless, toxic, and flammable gas, on the other hand, has now been wildely used as an environment-friendly and effective alternative to methyl bromide. Once it is released to the atmosphere, sun light converts it quickly into phosphoric acid, which has no ecological or environmental effects. Yet, due to its flammable characteristics, hazard on fire is the primary concern.

There are several formulations in the market, with phosphine tablets (metal phosphide) commonly used in fumigation operations. Then again, cases of fire accidents were reported when using the tablet forms because of the residues left.  Phosphine gas may ignite when concentration in the air exceeds 1.8 per cent or directly contact with moisture, either in air or liquid.

ECO2FUME® Fumigant Gas, a product of Cytec Industries Inc., is a non-flammable pre-mixed cylinderized mixture of phosphine and carbon dioxide, which provides highly effective fumigation in both sealed and unsealed storage facilities. Carbon dioxide is an excellent carrier for phosphine and diluting phosphine to this concentration ensures ECO2FUME is nonflammable in all proportions with air. The product can be used in a wide variety of applications to control stored product pests and attain dust-free (residue-free) products.

In addition, the Horn Diluphos System (FOSFOQUIM Chile) is a unique and revolutionary fumigation application technology that safely and effectively blends pure cylinderized phosphine (VAPORPH3OS®) directly with air to safe and effective levels of phosphine gas (10,000 ppm), well below the lower flammability limit (LFL) of 18,000 ppm. The equipment allows direct injection from outside of the targeted structure without risk of ignition. Also, the system relies on several safety mechanisms, which have been proven safe even in serious incidents such as the loss of electrical power.

Using pure phosphine of VAPORPH3OS®, it offers the same potent effect to a wide range of stored product pests in raw and dried agricultural commodities, animal feeds and feed ingredients, processed foods and non-food commodities. The HDSis widely used in several countries such as Argentina, Australia, Chile, New Zealand, Uruguay, U.S.A. and now in the Philippines – with Bio-Tech Environmental as one of the only two accredited applicators in the country.

With these technologies, fumigations with phosphine can be made much more effective, efficient and safe than any method currenltly being used. So, goodbye tablets and say hello to ECO2FUME®, HDS™/ VAPORPH3OS®!

by Don Johnson Neri, Quality Assurance and Technical Services


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