With so many pest exterminators pitching their services to Filipino consumers in recent years, how can the public differentiate the truly professional from the hit-and-miss operators?

Indeed the pest control industry in the Philippines is moving towards a new paradigm. A paradigm wherein urban pest management is an essential part of the modern way of life. While pest control associations are working towards common industry standards, there is also a need for recognition of pest control companies that have gone beyond the bare minimum of merely getting by.

One of the best practices in the international scene for pest control is the recognition of the Top 100 Pest Control Companies in North America. It not only fosters positive competition in the industry but also encourages transparency in reporting business statistics so as to be counted among the top companies.

Top 10 Pest Control Companies in the Philippines

Philippines’ Top Pest Control Companies

There is no database available for any reliable comparison among the leading pest control companies in the Philippines. But having one is something to consider by pest control associations to improve professionalism in the industry. Remember as one ISO mantra says: ““If you can measure, you can control; if you can control, you can manage; if you can manage, you can improve.”

Objective measurements is beneficial not only for the entire industry but for individual companies as well. For the forward looking pest control operators, knowing one’s standing in the industry is the first step to knowing where to go and the goals to reach. Perhaps one of the most important goals of a thriving company is to be listed in the “Top 10 Pest Control Companies in the Philippines”.


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