In the pest control industry in the Philippines, three services are usually offered by pest control companies: General Pest Control, Termite Control, and Fumigation.  Usually, only the first two are offered by majority of these exterminators, while a minority, usually the bigger ones with trained and licensed fumigators, offer the third.  This blog post will explain the first service.

General Pest Control or GPC encompasses the management of all urban pests excluding termites.  While this may mean dealing with all vertebrate and invertebrate pests, most pest problems are usually caused by five types of pests in the urban environment:

  1. cockroaches (German and American cockroaches)
  2. flies (house flies and blow flies)
  3. rodents (rats and mice)
  4. mosquitoes (especially Aedes aegypti)
  5. ants

Invertebrate pests

Insect pest concerns may be grouped in terms of either crawling or flying insect pests.  Crawling insects would include cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, and an assortment of pests that infest food and stored products like certain beetles and mites (not an insect, but a close relative) or those found in cabinets like silverfish and spiders (also not an insect, but closely related).  Various flies, mosquitoes, moths and others that are frequently seen flying in houses and buildings would belong to the second group.  Such grouping can be useful in determining the pest control methods to be utilized, which would vary depending on specific circumstances and preferences.

Vertebrate pests

Under the vertebrate pest category, next to rodent pests, birds are of great concern particularly for establishments handling food, paper products, and other industries concerned with contamination from bird droppings, feathers, and parasites and dirt that birds may carry.  In a tropical environment like in the Philippines, snakes, bats and lizards are also occasional problems in residential and commercial buildings.

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