As the first and only ISO 14001:2004 certified pest control service provider in the Philippines to date, Bio-Tech Environmental Services Philippines Inc. has proven true to its claim as “Your Green Pest Control Service Provider in the Philippines.”

Bio-Tech Environmental's ISO 14001:2004 certificate number from AJA Registrars

ISO 14001, also known as the Environmental Management System (EMS), is a global standard that provides organizations with requirements and guidelines to create and implement effective management systems that focus on impacts to the environment.  Companies that uphold the standard may come from any industry or country in the world.

In the Philippines, Bio-Tech Environmental has taken the lead in adopting pest control practices that are effective and yet more benign and safe to people and the environment. This is particularly significant as the pest control industry in the Philippines has recently been plagued with fly-by-night operators with no proper training and only traditional devices, shady practices and inappropriate chemicals being used.

With Bio-Tech Environmental, the Filipino consumer is assured of safe, reliable and effective pest control services; and the ISO 14001:2004 certificate is proof of high standards of the company in the league of the best organizations in the world.

Following on the vision of its founders, Bio-Tech Environmental has boldly declared in its corporate environmental policy that the organization is committed:

“…to the protection and preservation of a healthy and safe environment in all our activities. It is our belief that sound environmental policies contribute to our company’s competitive strength that could be recognized by and be beneficial to all stakeholders, including employees, customers and communities…”

The company, which has gained prominence in industries with strict requirements for pest control in the past 18 years, will continue to forge ahead in improving the state of the pest control industry in the Philippines by promoting awareness and simply doing what is right…for all stakeholders, especially the Filipino communities it is serving.

Go Green! Go Bio-Tech Environmental!

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