It’s no surprise nowadays to find local and international headlines that says “pest control companies are making a killing.”  In the Philippines as it is elsewhere, the need for professional pest control services continue to increase every year.

Two important factors that have contributed to this worldwide trend are:

  • Urban centers continue to grow in number and size.  As human populations become more and more concentrated in cities and megacities, pests like rats, mice, bedbugs, termites, mosquitoes, house flies and cockroaches that thrive well in human dwellings will find conditions that are conducive to building massive populations as food, shelter and mates become easier to locate.
  • High mobility of people and goods.  Many pest problems that used to be local or isolated are becoming more cosmopolitan brought about by advancements in technologies for travel.  For example, bedbug problems that is now causing much distress for many residents in cities in North America is predicted to become a major pest in the Philippines as well, as it is starting to be found in significant numbers in cities in Asia.

Combined with pesticide resistance problems and preference of some clients and pest control operators to short-term approach to pest control, the above two factors guarantee a booming business for pest control companies in the Philippines and worldwide.  The question is: can the industry keep up being one step ahead in our fight against pests?


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