At the hands of the untrained, cockroach control products, no matter how effective, are a “hit-or-miss” affair.  Today’s pest control products, especially the recently developed ones, are more specific and targeted, thus safer to humans and non-target organisms.  This characteristic while desirable also demands more from those who intend to use it effectively and efficiently.

Pest control professionals are expected to possess product knowledge, have undergone technical training and have acquired practical skills necessary to employ the right product at specific pest situations.  In the case of baiting for German cockroaches, knowledge of personalities, such as that relating to glucose aversion, in the population is critical for success.  Among other factors, an initial assessment of the target roaches’ preferences, can save pest control operations time and money.  This initial assessment is like asking roaches about their feeding preferences and using the answer to decide what type of bait to use.

Without the proper training, cockroach baiting is bound to fail. Learn more about how to avoid bait failure in the video below.

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